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Henry Ford: “If I had two dollars to start business I would invest one into advertisement.”

Did you know that advertisement and PR solutions have become less and less effective and customers as well as clients have become “immune” against common tools of advertisement and PR? Are you sure customers know about you and your portfolio? Haven` t you done PR or advertisement because you have believed it must always be expensive? Do you advertise and do PR, but are you sure you expound your money in an effective way? Do you have an overview of how much one contact with a potential client or customer costs you? Do you have an overview of how effective your campaigns are and what return of invested means they secure? Does your customer or potential client communication address the right ones – those who finally really make a purchase of goods or services with you? Doesn’t the perception of your company discourage the customer even before he/she starts to think about you as a supplier?

  • We`ll carry out a marketing communication and PR audit in your company with explicit conclusions and recommendations
  • Mutually we set up goals and we propose a complex customer and public relations solution
  • We`ll create programs to build company image according to your needs
  • We`ll find the most effective ways of advertisement and marketing communication

Do you utilize and handle properly the modern communication tool – internet? Do you know how to realize effective and focused advertisement campaigns on the internet with minimal cost? Do your web pages sink in competitive blur?

  • We`ll propose a complex internet concept. We`ll carry out SEO and SEM optimization of web pages – analysis and prepare strategy proposals of internet advertisement campaigns
  • We`ll help you create your web pages and offer service of external specialist eventually consulting and counseling in the field of internet marketing
  • We offer a complete support with corporate identity creation, design and 3D visualizations

Call us now! Arrange a free informative consultation with our PR and marketing communication specialist, who will learn about your preliminary expectations, needs, assignment and development potential and will propose a solution exactly for your company with regard to maximum efficiency of expounded means!

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  • Aequilibrium s.r.o. is a professional support in enterprise and business for independent professionals, sole traders, businessman and companies in any field.
  • Intelligent sales support, marketing, consultancy, effectual media communication and advertisement.
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  • We are active in all fields by ourselves and we do actively trade as well as invest.
  • We are ready to take over full responsibility for agreed projects and approved results.
  • We are ready to bring our own proposals and advice to life in your company along with you.
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