• Own investment/development projects start up
    Kenya, Benin, South African Republic, Nigeria
    Our performance:Trade, waste solutions, FMCG, other items
  • ŠIK CZ s.r.o.
    Unique project of youth prevention in CR
    See a reference letter here
    Our performance: Complete business, commercial and marketing audit. Assessment of actual state, recommendation of best practice measures, supervision of implementation. Supervision of re-structuring of the company, new strategy creation, introduction of modern procedures and management system, training of employees. Extensive training of sales representatives and management team
  • Czech Brewing Cluster
    A project for brewing professionals and independent domestic breweries
    Focused on development, research, support and EU donation support
    Our performance: Corporate member
  • Kout in the Bohemian Forest Brewery, Jan Skala
    Czech brewery, up to 10 000 hl per annum
    see a reference letter here
    Our performance: Complete representation of international trade, Export projects USA, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Finland, Sweden, Australia, Hungary. Complete management starting from negotiations, business and marketing plan preparation, business terms, contracting, supervision Consultancy on export projects and issues Economic and commercial feasibility study for a bottling line and pasteurizer purchase and financing. Web pages localization. Non-returnable metal keg study and introduction
  • Rio Frio Architects, Mini-brewery and a museum in Lobeč
    Mini-brewery, restaurant, accommodation facilities and museum erection project
    Our performance: Feasibility study, economical balance-sheet, preparation of preliminary commercial plan
  • Mini-brewery and Hotel Domažlice, Kubík a.s.
    Mini-brewery erection project including a restaurant and a hotel
    Our performance: Feasibility study, economical balance-sheet, preparation of preliminary commercial plan
  • Bär s.r.o., Czech republic
    Television dubbing
    Our performance: Translations of scientific/popular documents for Discovery, History Channel, Spiegel TV
  • Měšťanský Pivovar Havlíčkův Brod a.s.
    Czech brewery, up to 100 000 hl per annum
    Our performance:
    Export project Finland, Russia, others. Transition from current business partner to a new one. Complete management starting from negotiations, business and marketing plan preparation, business terms, contracting, supervision. Private brand project. Consultancy on export projects and issues. 
    see a reference letter here  
  • B-kontakt k.s., Prague, Czech republic
    Most selling Czech producer of micro and mini breweries
    Our performance: Commercial cooperation on individual projects. Economics and financing support. Feasibility studies. Language support.
  • Jos International Brewery, Jos, Nigeria,
    Rated capacity 800 000 hl/year
    Our performance: Complete technological and marketing/commercial audit and due diligence. Exclusive technological and marketing/commercial partners to completely revitalize and reconstruct the brewery’s operations from scratch, including management and procedures, investment management, large technological reconstruction as well as new marketing and commercial management.
  • TOMSK Brewery, Russia,
    1,5 million hectoliters per annum
    Our performance: Commercial/marketing and technological audit. Leadership and management of production/technological team. Marketing and commercial management. Field Force Management.
  • Mini Brewery Frydlant, Czech republic
    3 000 hl or above per annum, including restaurant, accommodation
    Our performance: Market research, feasibility and commercial study.
  • Mini Brewery Vysluni, Czech republic
    2 500 hl or above per annum, including restaurant and accommodation facilities
    Our performance:  Feasibility and commercial study. Marketing and commercial plans. Complete mini brewery solution proposal. EU donation and grants verification.


  • Hennlich Industrietechnik spol. s r.o.
    Our performance: Complete Public Relations: Media relations B2B business, CSR and donor ship project, Administration and preparation of new web pages, Internal bulletin, Client newsletter, Crisis communication manual preparation
  • Drinks Union a.s.
    Our performance: Media relations, Press release preparation, Media events preparation, Entire article preparation, Share on internal communication concept, Internal bulletin preparation
  • Flughafen Dresden GmBH
    Our performance: Press trips preparation, Press conference ensuring


Marketing communication and PR

  • Biolit – Lybar a.s.
  • Centropol Energy a.s.
  • Granette a.s.
  • Helen Doron CZ
  • Ústecký kraj


Marketing and PR projects for:

  • Biolit – Lybar a.s.
  • Centropol Energy a.s.
  • Granette a.s.
  • Ústecký kraj
  • Sazka a.s.
  • Triglav Pojišťovna a.s.
  • Severočeské doly a.s.
  • Yoplait ČR
  • Čepro a.s.
  • Ideal Standard a.s.
  • Ústecký kraj
  • Shanghai Maling Czech s.r.o.
  • Pila Vrchoslav s.r.o.

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